All-in-one Internet Search

A faster way to search the web

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100% free, open, and unlimited - your 24/7 personal assistant in the information age

Absolutely no advertisements or affiliate/sponsored links within search results

100% natural search results

Clean and advanced design

The highest privacy and security standards in the industry

No history of your search activity - escape the filter bubble

Search without filters and interference

No tracking cookies

Search multiple apps/websites quickly

The #1 search engine for research and fact finding, constantly morphing and improving to bring more information to you

Global CDN - access All-in-one quickly wherever you are in the world

Access on desktop or mobile - morphs to your device

Engineered to be fast

Voice search that is precise and intuitive

Dashboard interface

Live streaming activity

All-in-one Live Type and All-in-one Search Ideas

Natural pagination (10 results per page)

Search results in new tab

Drill down and search by topic/country of your interest

Safe-search option

Access All-in-one natively with 100's of apps, toolbars, and plugins

Engineered for privacy and security

Highest rating by Qualys SSL Labs (3rd party verified)

Perfect forward secrecy

TLS 1.2 / TLS 1.3 with downgrade attack prevention

OCSP stapling

Strong encryption ciphers

No backdoors

Advanced firewalls

Tools to protect your privacy

Vigilant stance, always bringing you the latest privacy and security breakthroughs

All-in-one Internet Search

Everything you need, all in one place.

You don't need to have great technical ability to use our product.

Whether you are looking to make a new discovery or verify facts - All-in-one Internet Search will lead the way.


A fully featured and well designed app that works the way you want it to.

For the multi-tasking creative class

or the idea buzzing inventor class.


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