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All systems operational 06-25-2017
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All systems operational 06-25-2017

Web analytics delayed

Jun 24, 19:39 UTC
Resolved - This issue has been resolved.

Jun 24, 12:27 UTC
Identified - Maintenance is continuing - analytics for the 30 mins, 6 hours, 12 Hour & 24 Hour periods are now operational. We're continuing to work on the 1 week and 1 month pictures.

Jun 23, 18:51 UTC
Update - Maintenance is still underway. We are starting to see improvements to web analytics. Some errors are still expected during this maintenance period.

Jun 22, 19:34 UTC
Investigating - We are performing maintenance on our web analytics services. For the next few hours you may see errors on your analytics dashboard. All other services are operating normally. We will post an update once the maintenance is complete.

Jun 22, 14:06 UTC
Update - Customers will see continued delays and errors in the analytics UI & API while we are working to improve the performance & reliability. We are planning an essential maintenance for Saturday 24th June with further details to follow.

Jun 22, 06:59 UTC
Update - The issue has been identified and a fix is being implemented. Web analytics errors may appear in different time periods. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Jun 19, 04:22 UTC
Identified - Analytics for the 30 mins, 6 hours, 12 Hour, 1 Week and 1 Month periods are operating normally, we are still working on the Last 24 hours.

Jun 19, 04:21 UTC
Investigating - Cloudflare's data processing infrastructure is running behind, resulting in delays of data presented to our customers.


Network Performance Issues in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Jun 24, 07:18 UTC
Resolved - This issue has been resolved.

Jun 24, 05:03 UTC
Investigating - Cloudflare is observing network performance issues in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We are actively working to reduce or eliminate any impact to Internet users in this region.


Enterprise Log Share Delays

Jun 21, 17:14 UTC
Resolved - Enterprise Log Share delays has been resolved. Functionality has returned to normal.

Jun 20, 19:12 UTC
Monitoring - Cloudflare is investigating delays of around 1 hours in serving new Enterprise Log Share data. ELS storage is still performing correctly - only retrieving new data is delayed.


SSL Certificate Provisioning Delays

Jun 20, 18:47 UTC
Resolved - This issue has been resolved and SSL certificate provisioning has returned to normal.

Jun 20, 13:35 UTC
Investigating - Cloudflare is investigating SSL Certificate Provisioning Delays.

We are observing delays in provisioning new SSL Certificates. Cloudflare's TLS/SSL service is still available; only provisioning of new SSL Certificates is delayed.


Issues managing specific Cloudflare features

Jun 19, 17:34 UTC
Resolved - Argo, Rate Limiting, Load Balancing, Dedicated SSL and additional Page Rules Pules API errors has been resolved.

Jun 19, 15:53 UTC
Monitoring - Maintenance completed - errors should no longer be seen, but we'll continue to monitor.

Jun 19, 15:40 UTC
Investigating - This issue will re-occur while we are completing some essential maintenance to resolve this issue. We'll update as soon as this is complete.

Jun 19, 12:29 UTC
Monitoring - We have implemented a fix for this issue and are currently monitoring the results. We will update once we have confirmed it is resolved.

Jun 19, 10:45 UTC
Investigating - Customers attempting to manage Argo, Rate Limiting, Load Balancing, Dedicated SSL and additional Page Rules may see API errors. Note the delivery of these services is not impacted, only the ability to configure them. We're currently investigating this problem.


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